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April 2018

Customer Case Study:
Circa of America

150 150 Byte Foods :: Fresh, convenient meals for the office!

Circa of America
Editha Clemena, Compliance Coordinator & Payroll

Employees: 150
Industry: Apparel Manufacturing
Three words to describe Byte: Convenient, Great Customer Service, Food Variety
Favorite Items: Chicken Caesar Wrap, Hard Boiled Eggs, Blue Bottle Coffee, Kombucha

“Our employees are so happy that they don’t have to go out to eat anymore.”


Circa designs and produces some of the finest leather goods in America. They operate in a100,000 sq. ft. facility and are the largest leather goods factory in the United States. Circa faced a few food problems for their 150 person team:

  • The manufacturing employees only get 30 minutes for a meal break so fast access to good food was important.
  • Their building location was not walking distance to any appealing food options. Many employees would pack and bring their own food, but if someone didn’t plan ahead, there wasn’t time to go offsite to get a quick meal.

Circa wanted to find a solution to bring convenient, healthy food to both their office and manufacturing staff.


The Byte sales team connected with Editha, Circa’s Compliance & Payroll Coordinator. The team visited the Circa office to share an overview of the service and provide food samples from some of the local suppliers they work with. The Circa team was impressed with the taste and quality of the food. Editha explained, “after the tasting, our exec team was onboard right away — they really liked the food and wanted Byte as a convenient option because they would always forget to pack a lunch.”


Today, almost everyone in the Circa office eats from Byte at least once a day. The #1 comment Editha receives from her team is that they’re “so happy they don’t have to go out to eat anymore.”

While Byte is a success today, the relationship began with a few challenges. At the beginning, Circa was concerned with the amount of food that was being delivered. Byte Client Success team was able to make adjustments to Circa’s food mix and delivery frequency to ensure the supply was meeting demand. Editha says, “the Byte team has been very responsive and has gone the extra mile to make sure that the Circa team is happy. Today, the Byte team has a strong and supportive relationship with us and I can’t speak more highly of their service. ”

One factor that makes Circa’s fridge such a success is that they subsidize the food for their employees by 25% Monday – Thursday and by 75% all day on Fridays. This is a great perk that they’re able to offer employees, and has helped with the engagement of Byte across the company.

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