A First Look at Byte’s New Menu Screen

A First Look at Byte’s New Menu Screen

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This week Byte rolled out several new features designed to enhance customer experience. Read on to learn more!

1. Meet the New Byte Tablet 

It’s time consuming to pick up food, read the labels and determine what to buy – especially if you’re looking for items that are gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian.

To help solve the problem, we’ve designed a new tablet experience where customers can easily see each product available in the fridge, read the nutrition and ingredient lists and even filter food by meal categories and common food allergies.

Browse all the products currently stocked in the fridge:

Easily navigate by product type:

Filter food by dietary preferences and common food allergies: 

Tap to read product details, nutritional information and ingredient list:

Head over to your fridge, tap the tablet and learn how easy it is to find the food you want. We hope this update makes your experience navigating food options even easier.



2. What’s in Stock 

Want to know what is stocked in your Byte fridge, right this second? The newly re-designed “What’s in Stock” website shows live inventory of what’s stocked in your fridge, conveniently from the comfort of your desk.

See when your fridge was last restocked and easily search for items:

Browse and filter through items using meal categories:

Click into each product to view product details, nutritional information and ingredient list:

To access What’s in Stock, click your unique link at the bottom of any Byte receipt email. Tip! Bookmark What’s in Stock so you can easily find and access each day.

We hope these new updates make your experience with Byte better and invite you to contact us anytime with feedback or suggestions on how we can better serve you. Simply email hello@bytefoods.co

~Team Byte