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August 2017

The Gigantic Strides Behind Mammoth Bar

150 150 Byte Foods :: Fresh, convenient meals for the office!

What happens when you set out to make a protein bar, but decide to leave all weird ingredients out? We invited Mammoth Bar’s co-founders Anthony Ostland and Mike Winchell into Byte to find out!

Inspired by the idea of genuine nutrition and the popular paleo diet, Anthony and Mike wanted people to have access to healthy food without having to sacrifice convenience. These two friends got tired of not being able to find healthy bars, so they went back home to make their own; knowing that there were countless other unsatisfied people in their exact same position. Fueled by their passion and drive for helping people, Anthony and Mike shortly swapped their house kitchen for a certified facility and spent the next three years testing and creating the recipes used in their four bars today.

Anthony and his team have managed to return the real meaning to snacks: a fresh small portion that satisfies your hunger, lifts you up and allows you to continue with your daily activities in an energetic way. Each Mammoth Bar is made with less than 10 ingredients, all of which are raw and organic and come directly from mother nature itself. We are excited to continue tasting Anthony’s creations with no “Caseinate”, “Glycerine” or any other laboratory slang on any of these bars’ ingredients list. Simply straightforward real food.

Look for these Mammoth Bar flavors stocked in your Byte fridge!

Almond Vanilla: Nutrient-dense sprouted almonds paired perfectly with pure vanilla beans.

Cashew Cinnamon: Buttery cashews, sweet dates, and coconut flakes.

Macadamia Coconut: Rich and creamy macadamia nuts and coconut flakes team-up to bring this classic combination to life.

A First Look at Byte’s New Menu Screen

150 150 Byte Foods :: Fresh, convenient meals for the office!

This week Byte rolled out several new features designed to enhance customer experience. Read on to learn more!

1. Meet the New Byte Tablet 

It’s time consuming to pick up food, read the labels and determine what to buy – especially if you’re looking for items that are gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian.

To help solve the problem, we’ve designed a new tablet experience where customers can easily see each product available in the fridge, read the nutrition and ingredient lists and even filter food by meal categories and common food allergies.

Browse all the products currently stocked in the fridge:

Easily navigate by product type:

Filter food by dietary preferences and common food allergies: 

Tap to read product details, nutritional information and ingredient list:

Head over to your fridge, tap the tablet and learn how easy it is to find the food you want. We hope this update makes your experience navigating food options even easier.



2. What’s in Stock 

Want to know what is stocked in your Byte fridge, right this second? The newly re-designed “What’s in Stock” website shows live inventory of what’s stocked in your fridge, conveniently from the comfort of your desk.

See when your fridge was last restocked and easily search for items:

Browse and filter through items using meal categories:

Click into each product to view product details, nutritional information and ingredient list:

To access What’s in Stock, click your unique link at the bottom of any Byte receipt email. Tip! Bookmark What’s in Stock so you can easily find and access each day.

We hope these new updates make your experience with Byte better and invite you to contact us anytime with feedback or suggestions on how we can better serve you. Simply email

~Team Byte

A Look Behind IOTA’s Tiny, Mighty Seeds

150 150 Byte Foods :: Fresh, convenient meals for the office!

IOTA is not your average sunflower seed. The hand roasted kernels are produced in small batches using the finest ingredients to create three clean flavors – Classic, Kettle and Umami. IOTA has quickly become a Byte five-star rated snack – beloved by employees, athletes and toddlers alike.

Designer Johanna Creighton, business expert Malia Moseley and freestyle skiing Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley are the founding brains behind IOTA. It took the team two years to get the flavors, packaging and design dialed in to perfection. The seeds come in unique packaging, a spouted pouch, making it simple for children, athletes and those on the go to pour the tiny kernels directly into their mouth. A truly enjoyable snacking experience!

These powerful sources of energy are low on the glycemic index, have 50% more protein than an egg and more nutrients per calorie than a pumpkin seed, walnut or almond. IOTA seeds are better for you than traditional sugary and salty treats and are slowly digested absorbed and metabolized; allowing you to feel satisfied and energized to keep you going all day long.

Byte Foods loves partnering with innovative artisans and brands like IOTA in order to bring you high quality and delicious food, whenever you need it. Just grab an IOTA pouch and experience the flavor, crunch and nutritional benefits of this super food!