A Look Behind IOTA’s Tiny, Mighty Seeds

A Look Behind IOTA’s Tiny, Mighty Seeds

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IOTA is not your average sunflower seed. The hand roasted kernels are produced in small batches using the finest ingredients to create three clean flavors – Classic, Kettle and Umami. IOTA has quickly become a Byte five-star rated snack – beloved by employees, athletes and toddlers alike.

Designer Johanna Creighton, business expert Malia Moseley and freestyle skiing Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley are the founding brains behind IOTA. It took the team two years to get the flavors, packaging and design dialed in to perfection. The seeds come in unique packaging, a spouted pouch, making it simple for children, athletes and those on the go to pour the tiny kernels directly into their mouth. A truly enjoyable snacking experience!

These powerful sources of energy are low on the glycemic index, have 50% more protein than an egg and more nutrients per calorie than a pumpkin seed, walnut or almond. IOTA seeds are better for you than traditional sugary and salty treats and are slowly digested absorbed and metabolized; allowing you to feel satisfied and energized to keep you going all day long.

Byte Foods loves partnering with innovative artisans and brands like IOTA in order to bring you high quality and delicious food, whenever you need it. Just grab an IOTA pouch and experience the flavor, crunch and nutritional benefits of this super food!