Fresh food steps from your desk.

Byte is an affordable, smart fridge stocked with the highest quality food that employees love.

Changing the way people eat at work.

Brands you’ll love.

Meals are sourced from the highest quality, local brands.

Hassle free.

Byte delivers and stocks food in your office, daily.

Open 24/7

Employees purchase food, any time of day.

Eat, enjoy, repeat!

Enjoy the convenience of fresh meals, snacks and drinks.

Fresh food for any office, any budget.

Byte combines fresh food and fresh thinking to change the way employers feed their teams.

Happy Employees

Providing fresh meals is proven to drive productivity and increase happiness. Use Byte to boost employee wellness and build collaborative teams.

Refreshingly Simple

Launching Byte is easy. We handle the setup, take care of the maintenance and manage the deliveries – in short, it’s effortless.

Risk-Free & Affordable

Month-to-month service with no contracts or long-term commitments. From Fortune 500 to non-profit, we work with offices of every size and any budget.

Big on impact, low on cost.

Each month Byte shares employee participation metrics, productivity savings and even the total number of healthy meals eaten, so you can measure the value of using Byte in your office.

Offices Fueled by Byte  

Join our growing community of hundreds of offices in the Bay Area and Sacramento.


Byte shares employee participation metrics and productivity savings so you can measure the value of using Byte in your office.



Average employee participation across Byte locations.

Productivity Hours

An average Byte client saves 136 hours/month eating onsite.

Customers Served

We serve everyone from teams of developers to overnight shift workers


Meals Donated

Byte donates over 20,000 meals every month to community members in need.

A higher standard for food.

Byte stocks only the best, locally sourced meals that your employees will know and love.

Hungry to learn more?

Connect with our team to learn more about Byte for your office.